ROGAINING, Mistrovství ČR, 2.-3.7.2016 Orlické Záhoří


Organisator: Česká asociace rogainingu a horského orientačního běhu (ČAR)
Technical organisator: KOB Dobruška
Partner: SVUS Pharma a.s., manufacturer of the supplements FARMAX
Date: 2nd - 3rd July 2016
Competition centre: Orlické Záhoří, sport area (map). There is a large grassy area for parking and a football playground as a camping place. There is a Hash house too, inside it there is a registration desk, SI readout, toilets.

Parking: Park as a civilized people on given area in the way that all of you can fit in. No fee for parking.
Registration: Fri 1st July 12:00-22:00
Sat 2nd July 7:00-20:00
Additional entries: yes, until free maps are available
Accommodation: For all competitors in their own tents in given place at event centre. We provide a refreshment, toilets, drink water. No showers. For bath use a near pond. Please don't use shower gel or soap.
Control descriptions: Will be distributed together with map.
Punching: SportIDENT, in case of failure punch manually by pincers to map in proper place. Before the race we will seal you SI cards to your wrist. Seal will be broken during SI readout in finish. If you come to finish with unsealed SIcard, you'll be disqualified.
Caution! Is neccesary to punch in team in one minute. If the difference between first and last punch in team is more then one minute, the control won't be counted to final score.
Map: special tourist map, scale 1:50000, E 10 m, state 04/2016, waterprooved (plastic pouch A2). Map has been created based on laserscanning and orthophotomap data. No old maps were used. Surrounding of controls has been a little bit refined.
Forbidden areas: Several nature reserves are in the competition area. On map it's marked as red hatching. You can move through only on paths and roads.
Classes: 24 hours – MO, WO, XO, MV, WV, XV, Y
12 hours – MO12, WO12, XO12, Y12
6 hours – MO6, WO6, XO6, Y6
Score system: Controls are marked on map and in descriptions by code, where the first numeral multiplied by 10 gives its value (from 30 to 90 points). Number and order is up to each team. Punching the control is by putting SI card of each teammate to punching device. Each control is a 1m height pole with 30x30cm orange/white kite, punching SI device and pincers for manual punch in case of SI failure. Team with the highest score wins, if two teams will reach the same score, the team time is a key to select the better one. Each minute over the time limit is minus 50 points. 30 minutes over the time limit the team won't be classified.
Program: Friday 1st July
12:00 – 23:00 – registration

Saturday 2nd July
7:00 – 20:00 – registration
9:00 – 9:45 – sealing the SI cards for 24
10:00 – give out the maps for 24 hours race
10:00 – 10:45 – sealing the SI cards for 6
11:00 – give out the maps for 6 hours race
12:00 – mass start 24
13:00 – mass start 6
16:00 – Hash house is open
19:00 – End of the race 6
19:10 – 19:50 – sealing the SI cards for 12
19:50 – Preicegiving 6 hours (first three teams)
20:00 – give out the maps for 12 hours
22:00 – mass start 12

Sunday 3rd July
10:00 – End of the race 12
11:00 – Preicegiving 12 hours (first three teams)
12:00 – End of the race 24
13:00 – Preicegiving 24 hours (first three teams)
13:30 – Hash house closed

Finish: Competitors finish the race punching the finish SI device in competition centre and readout all team's SI cards. Maps can be kept by competitors, please don't show the competition map to other teams which haven't started yet (for classes 6 hours)!
Finish is closed at 13:30.
Results: On the board in event centre, after the race at
Officials: director: Tomáš Leštínský
referee: Jan Fátor
course setting: Tomáš Leštínský, Věra Peterová
Note: Compete by rules of Czech rogaining association.
Each competitor participate on his own risk and is responsible for his safety.
Organiser guarantee no damages causes by competitors.
Race take place on two countries teritory, we strongly advise to keep your ID or passport by you during the competition.
Information: on website – or e-mail:

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