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To results were added Trail, beer relays and beer ultralong.
Several pictures from the competition is here. More will come soon.
We published the results on the ORIS and also here
Forecast talks today about nice pleasent weather during E1 and E2 :), E3 in rain :(.
Control descriptions have been printed and cutted. So we are publishing it's print files in PDF. Maybe someone will find it useful.
Please, check your entry fee in ORIS and be prepared with this amount on registration desk. We very prefer CZK currency, but in special occasions we can accept EUR (1EUR=25CZK) and PLN (1PLN=6CZK) too.
We are pretty sure how the competition will look like, so here is a technical information (1.5MB, PDF).
Startlist expect on 2nd AUG in the afternoon (till 1st AUG we have a 2nd term of entries).
There is still possibility to order meals in canteen. Please make your order in ORIS system (Services) till 26.7. Meals are not counted, you just come and pick one of four meals on list. Firstcomers have a choice. Who is last, eat what rest. Canteen menu link.
Camping is full, no other people can fit in.
Courses seem to be final, so now you know what to expect.
We had several questions about payments. Be sure that we expect you to pay at the registration desk. We don't accept abroad payments via bank transfer, it is too expensive.
Many oldest veterans complained about E3 lengths, which seem for them too short for long distance. We changed the courses according theirs expectations, so now we have a new lengths for H55B (little bit shorter), H65 and H75 (both longer, more stones and rocks).
Course setting is almost done, for now you can check out data of E2 and E3 here.
For Wander cards collectors we have a good news! If you are interested in and you would participate the race (you would show your split times), you will recieve an Absolvent card of Advanta cup. Even more, there will be a possibility to get a Team card of KOB Dobruska.
Shame on me that I haven't been able to express the terrain and maps in a aggregate way. Today it's been remedied.
Today after map revision I realised to prepare an attendant competition in TrailO during Advanta cup. Schedule in invitation has been updated according this issue, you can entry in ORIS. Terrain is hard but wonderful. :)
For those who are accommodated in camping we have maybe interesting offer. Parking fee in camping is 50Kč/day. If you leave your car on temporary parking (for free but 1.1km far from camping), you recive one stage fee back. In total you can spare 300 Kč. Reason for this is to have as small amount of cars in camping as possible.
Of course, you can use a train instead a car (station is 300m far). You'll make organisers very happy then! ;)
Invitation has been published.
Please, take care about the accommodation and board!
Good news, all local authorities allowed us to organize this event.
Who is interested to try the terrain online, he can do it in game Virtual-O, where is this hard rocky terrain suprisely precisely virtualized. Five licences of Virtual-O you can expect as price for youht classes winners.
And who likes observing more then playing, here are some Youtube links of that game: video 1, video 2.
Entry system ORIS has been activated. We're glad that two competitors have already discovered it.
Web site launched. Here is a basic info before we publish a bulletin 1:
Date: 4-6th AUG 2017
Competition centre: Bučnice camping - map (whole camp is reserved for us)
Schedule: E1 middle, E2 middle, E3 shortened long + beer relay, beer ultra-long
Maps: Lada (1:5000, E5m, ISOM), Lysý vrch (1:10000, E5m, ISOM)


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