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Welcome to ADVANTA Cup 2013 -
- a summer orienteering competition website

First pics from Advanta are here. More will come. If you took some pics too, please send us a link to them. Thanx.
We posted results and sorry for the glitch of computers during E1. Results.
E1 sprint - 19°, cloudy, maybe rain
Night O - storm
E2 long - 13°, rain, later cloudy, no rain.
beer relay - 19° almost clear sky
E3 middle - 18°, sunny
We are recieving a lot of applications for starttime change. Startlists will be upgraded every late evening.
Other info: In CC there you can see thousands bloodthirsty mosquitos. Will be a good idea to take some repellent with you.
Well, and on night race there will be no reflex stripes on controls, because 1) half of the race is in the town and 2) if our heavy-fog night races tradition will come through again, reflexes won't help you.
Start lists available.
Here is a list of payments, discount for participation on Magnus Cup included.
We arranged (with agreement from local authority) for accommodated competitors in tents a parking place (in abandoned swimming pool area) about 150m far from CC. Others have to park the car somewhere in the city and come to CC by walk.
Technical information for the race.
General sponsor of the competition is Czech pharmaceutical company SVUS Pharma based in Hradec Králové. The company manufactures generic pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements under the brand name Farmax. The most famous product of this manufacturer is a range of products to enhance immunity against colds and flu named Preventan. Orienteers can find in the menu supplements manufactured by SVUS Pharma vitamins, mixes supports healthy joints and cartilage preparations, products to stimulate brain function and increasing concentration and products supporting the vision. More on
Winners in all stages will enjoy the really valuable prizes containing samples from this manufacturer.
Courses lengths are almost known.
All maps are prepared, setters are thinking about challenging courses. Theirs testing suggesting an interesting experience.
To Terrain and maps were added some pics and map samples.
Web site launched. More info will come...


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