ADVANTA Cup 2009 - 4.-6.7. Zdoňov
Welcome to ADVANTA Cup 2009 -
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Thanks to all competitors for participation, we belive you spent nice time in Broumovsko region and you will meet us again at some next Advanta Cup. :)
Some pictures from competition we've found so if you have time and taste, check them out.
We're starting tomorrow. We're leaving to CC, expect no answer to your e-mails now. Next information here will be a results. Forecast sounds nice, we expect sunny hot days maybe with some afternoon storm.
Here you can find expecting entries payments. The most important is the last column, where is the exact sum to be paid at registration.
At the registration you will recive only a proof of payment. All necessary information you can find here on this website, an Information by paper form you can take yourself at the registration.
Entries locked! Give us some time to prepare the registration.
Start lists are available. Please check your data, if anything is not OK, send e-mail to
Information for competitors was published, if you're accommodated on bed, check this accommodation plan and lodging list for cottages and for beds. Reclamations please send to
And on-line system was stopped, startlists generation started.
Number of competitors reached 700. On Thursetday evening we stop on-line entries and we set the start lists.
In this time we have about 600 registred competitors, half of them participate in Adršpach sprint race. We still accept entries for higher price, sprint entries are closed.
I was in Adršpach to take some pics and try the H21 class. I've to tell you that if you catch a jam of tourists (or here), it could be an adrenalin experience.
Courses are prepared.
For your better idea what you can expect, here are preliminary course lengths for E2 and E3.
There is a little change in competition schedule, night-O was moved from friday to saturday night.
Now it is possible to entry by on-line entry form.
Invitation is now official.
Mapping is almost done so you can see some map samples here. And here you can find some pics from the forrest.
The very first web promotion of our popular summer competition. Pre-invitation is available, but still under construction!


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