19.10.2015 Pictures of competition are posted to Picasa.
21.9.2015 Small change in TempO Final results for Anna Jacobsson (my fault while typing the results to PC).
Lost and found: Nardo Mauro left his SI-card in gym on Saturday. Please write to me an address to where shall I send it.
21.9.2015 Results and solutions.
Thank you for participation, we hope that you enjoyed our competition. See you at the European Champs 2016!
16.9.2015 After a consultation with Martin Fredholm we decided in TempO to increase the amount of competitors in Final to 15 from each heat.
The forecast is bad, especially for Sunday - heavy rain. :(
15.9.2015 Bulletin 2 with technical info about the competition.
14.9.2015 According to application of SWE team we moved in TempO race all SWE competitors to Heat A. Instead of them we moved these three competitors to Heat B: Kewley John, Rukšane Zita, Cera Michele
10.9.2015 Startlists are available, PreO, TempO Heat A, TempO Heat B.
9.9.2015 TempO race is prepared, so technical information about the race is comming soon. For now you can look for a 6 challenging TempO stations, each with 4 tasks. Because of big amount of the competitors, TempO will be divided into two Heats. For separation we use actual ECTO order, where the best from entries goes to Heat-A, second the best to Heat-B, 3rd to A, 4th to B and so on. Heat-B will be then prefered for Czech competitors because the race is Czech Championship in TempO. The winner will be known from Final (3 stations, 4 tasks each) to first 10 from each Heat. All final stations are suitable for spectators.
20.8.2015 Link to YouTube video, where is showed the procedure of TrailO SI punching. It's in Czech only, but the point is clear.
17.8.2015 Saturday's race is prepared. You can expect 2 km far to start, 1 time control before the race and 1.5km and 23 controls on the course.
10.6.2015 Website is ready. You can find here bulletin 1 (and its czech version) and few information about terrain of the competition.